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Shit Talk poster 2_Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl.png
Shit Talk poster 2_Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl.png
Shit Talk poster 2_Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl.png
Shit Talk poster 2_Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl.png
shit talk titel.png

"The mind opens when the asshole opens", says the shit to Mejdahl

by Gas9Gallery and Formation Gallery


In Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl's new solo exhibition Shit Talk, spread out across the galleries Gas9Gallery and Formation Gallery, Mejdahl comes out as a shitty artist presenting new video works, drawings, and sculptures. By using popular cultural and cheesy references Mejdahl challenges the norms of aesthetics and art historical ideas about beauty and cultural hierarchies.

The exhibition balances the humorous, latrine, and hardcore in which Mejdahl searches for a new artistic practice engaging his own personal material. In Shit Talk Mejdahl invites us into his artistic universe, which includes both electronic music, a platypus handpuppet in latex and leather, a talking shit, and Ursula Reuter Christiansen's voice as the dog Molly, a world-famous psychoanalyst.

Shit Talk_still.jpg
tarmflora_detail_kim richard adler mejdahl.JPG

In the video work Shit Talk (2022) we witness a heated dialogue between the artist himself and his shit in the WC, who desperately argues for its role in his artistic practice and wants to avoid the flush death. In Tarantula (2022) we follow a platypus' elaborate preparations to go on the club 'Platypus Partybus' when it is announced in the newspaper The Duckbill that a “Scandalous! S/M Party” will take place. The fur must be trimmed and the harness must be fastened, after which Mejdahl takes us deep into the darkened sexclub with whiplash and motorcycle kink.


In front of the video work Kom Så Molly (2022), we are invited to make ourselves comfortable in the therapy's comfortable, soft livingroom, and witness the dog couple Rokko and Bobby, who are visiting psychoanalyst Molly. The couple goes through a hypnotic love journey and opens up about problems with PTSD and childhood trauma, manifested as symptomatic carpet wetting and amputated sex life.

The exhibition Shit Talk is an exercise in daring to remain in the ugly, saucy, and humorous, where Mejdahl brings his sexuality into play, as well as exploring the idea of the visual artist as a court jester. "The mind opens when the asshole opens", says the shit to Mejdahl. With the exhibition, Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl sets our most shameful sides free-it's ok to let shit out, tol et go, to surrender, to be embarrassingly touched, or simply to be touched.

kloakdyr_detail 2_kim richard adler mejdahl.JPG
Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl_Kloakdyr (no. 1).png
Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl_Rune Øe_5.jpg

Humoren er en vildt smuk diamant 

artist portrait, Berlingske 2022 

photo by Rune Øe 

Kim Mejdahl_Tarantula_stil 11.jpg
Kim Mejdahl_Tarantula_stil 12.jpg
Sequence 1.Still006.jpg


nov 18 - dec 22 2022

Gas9Gallery & Formation Gallery

Installation shots by Brian Kure

Still images by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl

Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl would like to say a huge thank you for the kindest help and support to:

Simon Reinhardt, Anna Dea Djuraas, Line Finderup Jensen, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Bjørn Rasmussen, MYMAJO, Tina-Marie Nielsen, Shirin Asmail, Michael Schiøler Tingsgård, Connie Boe Boss, Line Winther, Julie Moestrup, and Toke Martins. 

Extra thank you and lots of treats for the dogs Basse, Loui, and Pam for their great effort.

Biggest explosion of confetti and thank you to all the generous people at Gas9Gallery and Formation Gallery, who made this exhibition possible.

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